Since November 2020

the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is coming to a head. For a long time, hardly any reliable information about the situation on the ground could be obtained, as the government cut off the internet and communication channels, and journalists were not allowed in either. Not only the central government is fighting against the regional movement TPLF, but also Eritrean militias. The UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, considers information about serious human rights violations by all parties to the conflict to be credible: Killings, rapes and displacements have been reported. 


The developments that are taking place in the province of Tigray are of course very frightening for us. Our projects, which are mainly located in the capital Addid Ababa and its surroundings, have not yet been directly affected by this, but not everyone shares our luck. Our friends from the association Hawelti e.V., for instance, are mainly active in the region around Aksum. Axum has been hit hard by the violence, and unfortunately communication had been almost impossible in the chaotic situation. Our thoughts are with you.

More Information

What will happen next remains unclear, but we try to keep up to date. For more information and background, we have listed a few sources here:

In November: Zdf about the Start of the  Escalation
In March: TazZdf and DW
News from HAWELTI e.V.