Donations Account

Our association is recognised as a non-profit organisation.

Your donation is immediately transferred to Ethiopia without deduction of administrative fees and thus directly and one hundred percent benefits the children.

We are happy about every donation to:

Abaynesh Donation for Children e.V.
IBAN: DE39 7635 0000 0060103600


Donate time! How much and often you help us with active or passive commitment is, of course, up to you. You can contribute your talents and ideas to the organisation of events, project communication and much more, or just drop in at the annual general meeting.

Simply fill out the following application for membership:

    (minimum: 25€)

    For sponsoring members

    To say thank you to our sponsors, we have thought of a variety of things:

    Coffee Ceremony *

    The art of making coffee is very important in Ethiopia. Luckily, we have real professionals in our association who will brew some strong coffee for you in a traditional ceremony.

    Ethopian Buffet *

    An Ethiopian meal is one thing above all: delicious! Especially the sour injera with spicy vegetables are something you’ll never want to miss after the first bite.


    Credit, where credit is due: Of course, we make our supporters known, on our website and at events alike. You are also welcome to link us.

     *The coffee ceremony and the Ethiopian buffet are only possible within a 50km radius of Nuremberg! Thank you for your understanding.